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Looking for a way to get in shape before my big 3-0 and having trouble finding friends whose schedule matched mine (and no motivation to do it by myself)-- I found Amy!

She was and has been great at keeping me motivated while not being too much of that military-type that comes to mind with the word "bootcamp." She works you hard with varying workouts that will not leave you bored. She is patient and knowledgeable about modifying exercises according to your skill level and even helped me out with a few suggestions to prevent injuries. Amy is so cheerful and accommodating that you are sure to want to show up every day-- to socialize with your new workout buddies and SEE RESULTS!

Because of Amy, I entered my 30s stronger than I was a decade before, I lost 15 pounds and am still in the best shape I have been since high school.

I HIGHLY recommend D.O. It Bootcamp with Amy! You won't regret it.

Well, after over a year of not working out, I decided to get back at it. I've been in the Do It Bootcamp with Amy for almost 3 months - going for 5 days a week. And I haven't missed a day yet! (knock on wood!).

Amy is great. She brings a brand new routine every day and I have yet to repeat a workout. I love working out outdoors, even in the dark of the early morning. It's been fun and the people in the class are great. Some of them have been working out with her for years! And it doesn't matter what level of fitness you are to start. Amy crafts the workouts so you can do what you're able to do without feeling as though you don't belong with the "old-timers".

One of the best things that's happened to me since I started, is I have more energy, sleep better, and wow... I'm getting some definition back in my arms! That's awesome!

Amy's fun to work with, always cheerful and encouraging, and well, I just plain like her! Check it out for yourself!

This summer I was looking for some sort of exercise class that I could take during my summer vacation. I saw the bootcamp class being offered when I searched online and I signed up with some colleagues. I was a little afraid at first because of how out of shape I was (I haven't exercised in years and am overweight) - but the description of the class said that it was for all fitness levels. I figured that it was only one month, if I didn't like it, I didn't have to continue going. And best of all, I didn't have to sign up for a gym membership or be stuck inside a stuffy room full of mirrors.

When I showed up to class on the first day I realized I didn't have to be afraid. Amy is a great instructor. She is friendly, encouraging, and always is full of energy (even at 6am). Although the workout is tough, Amy varies the workout and shows you how to modify the exercises so that everyone can work at their own levels and abilities. And I have never been bored - you never do one thing for too long and each day is different. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorites, we work with weights on those days, but there is still a good amount of cardio mixed in.

I planned on just taking the class for that one month, but I loved it so much that I am still taking the class 5 months later. I have a lot more energy, feel stronger, and have lost 25 pounds. D.O. it! Bootcamp is tough, but lots of fun. If I can do it, anyone can!

D.O. it! Bootcamp has been great for me. We all need to exercise but a gym membership is not they answer for me. D.O. it! Bootcamp is perfect because it is outside, a hard workout and I don't have to think about anything except showing up and trying my best. Amy, the instructor, puts a lot of thought into each workout. She works all the muscles from toe to head and doesn't skip on the cardio either! I'll admit it, I am grateful at the end of each workout when she calls out "Full Body Stretch!" signaling the tough part is done.

D.O. it! Bootcamp is offered twice in the morning (M-F) so there is certainly a time that will work with anyone's schedule. The website has all the information: .

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