Newly Diagnosed?

If you or your child has been recently diagnosed with type one diabetes, you have a range of emotions and a fair amount of confusion. Feeling overwhelmed by the diagnosis is natural and appropriate—type one diabetes is an incredibly complex disease.

I can help you along the way as you learn how to LIVE with type one.

I can help you sort through the massive amount of information and your feelings of confusion. Together we can shrink the disease to a more manageable size.

You will need to discuss some of your questions with your doctor, but some of your questions (you will come to understand) are best answered when you incorporate the disease into simply living your life.

Hire Me: Take Diabetes Outside & Lean to Live!

My fee is $100 per meeting (1-2 hours). I advise meeting weekly after a recent diagnosis for 2-4 months, or more or less often as needed. Phone, email and Skype meetings can work as well to fit into your schedule.

I can help you and your child figure out where you are, where you’re headed, and how to get to a place you are able to accept the disease and move toward a good, healthy space.

If you need help setting up your kitchen or a knowledgeable friend at the grocery store, I will be there. If you need support speaking with a soccer coach or school nurse, I will be there. If you just want to yell, scream, cry, and laugh all at once about this crazy disease with someone who truly understands, I will be there.

Contact Me

Contact me to chat about your recent diagnosis. I can help.