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Personal Training: Diabetes and Exercise

Weight Management Coaching

Personal Training: Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes is something you simply need to live with to understand. (Even then it can be tough!)

D.O. it for YOU!

Personal training and Weight Management Coaching rates: $75/hr

Two or more personal training clients: $90/hr +

Distance Training (detailed planning, email, phone and Skype support): $150/month

When you try any new activity your body and your diabetes will respond in a variety of ways. Most trainers just don’t know enough about what it takes to live with diabetes to be able to fully support your physical fitness efforts.

I do know what it takes. I know how it feels that you know you are doing your best, yet your diabetes can still sneak in at any moment and blindside you. I share my experience and knowledge with you to accomplish your goals while respecting what your body needs.

Having lived with diabetes since 1988 and exercised daily since 2001, I do know what it takes to live and exercise with diabetes. I know what it takes to complete a marathon, to lift heavy weights, to keep going and what it takes to be able to stop and recover from injury.

Whether your goal is to complete a marathon, perform 30 pushups on your toes, get stronger and leaner, or simply to enjoy more of your life, I can help.

Weight Management Coaching

As a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, I can help you reach your healthy weight by offering healthy eating suggestions and meal ideas, trouble shooting current eating habits, and guiding you through exercise sessions designed to help you lose that excess weight. I will help you change poor eating habits, strategize for travel and vacation eating, optimize your eating to meet your nutritional requirements and help you get rid of weight that is holding you back from living the life you want in the healthy body you deserve.

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